garden pavilions

Our garden pavilions bring a touch of glamour to your home and garden. If you don't have anywhere for a conservatory or simply want to add a touch of theatre to your garden, a pavilion is the perfect answer.

Picture yourself dining in a beautiful room in your garden, enjoying the 360° views. Imagine yourself relaxing in your hot tub gazing up at the night sky, while protected from the elements. Dream of a beautiful office or gym space that's completely separate from your home. A garden pavilion can bring you all this and more.

While our garden Pavilions may bring a touch of glamour to your life, we haven't forgotten about the practicalities. They feature fully reinforced galvanised steel sections and have high security locking on all windows and multi-point locking mechanisms on all doors so you can really relax. With a choice of colours and finishing options too, your pavilion can be as unique and stylish as you want.